Highlights of Manifesto


This goes hand in hand with health care and general wellness.

  • Fumigation: Our government will work to create a tradition of fumigating all the gutter spaces quarterly,
  • Drainage covers: we will create innovative gutter coverings that are high impact and low cost.
  • Recycling: An incentive based waste sorting system will be created with the involvement of the community. Inorganic waste such as dirt will continue to be collected by the LAWMA while organic waste will be converted to compost and sold as fertilizers. Plastics on the other hand would be recycled and up-cycled.
Funds raised from this initiatives will be used to purchase garbage bags which will be sold at a discounted price with an aim to make the disposal of waste more convenient.

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Skilled Artisians

  • Our goal is to create the most skilled artisans in the whole of Lagos state. We aim to do this through several training and skill acquisition sessions. Topics will include customer service and exposure to contemporary tools and methods. Each trainee will be duly certified and inducted in to a guild of craftsmen.

Unskilled Artisians

  • We aim to impart specific skills to this segment of the population that would ensure they have the capacity to earn a living. Training and skill acquisition programs will be provided; such as the installation of CCTV Cameras, AC installation and maintenance, car diagnostics etc.
The local government will create portals for marketing and showcasing work done by artisans in the local government area via the internet in a bid to increase their access to potential clients.

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  • we plan to partner with companies such as Budgit to communicate our expenditures and track our projects in relation to cash flow, while carrying along all the stakeholders in order to minimize the oppurtunities for corruption.
  • We aim to encourage the office of the citizen, to increase engagement and government accountability through the creation of avenues for reporting and citizen monitoring.


  • We intend to create "Ikeja house" within the local government complex, a place where every Wednesday between 10am and 3pm myself or my deputy will be available to speak to anyone without any previous appointment.

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